Bagless & Blocked

Humph.  When I took Mabel out for her lunch time walk, I realized to my horror (just as she was in the midst of doing what Nature had sent her there to do) that there were no poop bags left in the dispenser attached to her lead!  Oh, how I hate it when this happens!  Much as I adore Mr. W, and much as I sincerely appreciate his willingness to take Mabel out at the crack of dawn and the dead of night, he's not at all reliable when it comes to replenishing critical canine supplies!!!  Fortunately there was a kind lady nearby walking her dog, and she gave me one of her bags. 

When we got home, I set off the dishwasher only to be confronted with a blinking red light alerting me to the fact that the Intake/Drain is blocked!  Another appliance repair looms.  We just finished hemorrhaging money on having the oven door in the guest apartment repaired (a former tenant apparently used the door as a step ladder, and broke the hinges!), as well as unblocking that dishwasher (the drain was full of broken glass!!!!).  So I've just spent the last half hour unloading the thing and washing everything by hand.  

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