Abstract Thursday - Macro

These are just a couple of necklaces which I picked up in an Op Shop a while back and have kept in the Blip Box until now. The shells and the little wheels of wood are very small, most of the shells are half the size of my little fingernail.

I didnt realise until I looked at them through the macro that the shells are beautiful and quite unusual and I made a quick abstract type of shot before I left work to go the the Birthday Party!

It was a lovely little gathering with a delicious dinner and two birthday cakes mmmm!! :o). Julian was very happy with all his presents one of which was a small indoor drone which worked like a dream and was a lot of fun (thank goodness because he picked that out himself!) :o). He also got quite a bit of cash money and a few gift cards so I can feel another shopping expedition coming on! :o)

I’ve put a shot of him in extras which I’ve edited a bit as I wanted a certain ‘look’ for his 37 years old photo. Not sure I achieved the look I set out to get but I liked the stark result I ended up with. I think he looks good in his favourite T shirt. :o) Also a shot of the cakes just to mark the occasion.

Thanks to Ingeborg for continuing to host AT so well ;o)xxx

I will be back to normal by tomorrow night I think, tonight I’m tired and worn out, these 5.45am mornings are killers!!! Ugh!!!

Thanks for the stars for the moon ;o)xxx

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