Photos from A Field

By RandallFriesen

The MORE Alcohol the Better

This was the poster that greeted me in the care home I was at tonight. And after today I could not agree more.

I say that jokingly but the day was long and over done. 

Staff meeting this morning with staff in pressure as the annual meeting is on Saturday. A txt conversation that went on far too long trying to sort out miscommunications between people. I drove in to town for a lunch meeting (that was good!) and drove home again, in the -28C weather. Slept for an hour and headed the 30 minutes back into town to lead two services at the care homes tonight. 

Tomorrow will be a funeral in the morning and a hospital visit in the afternoon in a city a good hour away.

Sooooo I'm tired. And a wee bit cranky I guess.
But this poster greeting me tonight made me smile.

Hope it warms up soon.

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