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[ was pointed out by a lapsed blipper of regal leaning, it's a slightly fractured narrative, so here' goes with last weekend's update in no particular order...]

Having packed a capsule wardrobe and a toothbrush, I set off for Her's and off we headed to the airport - in a week where global temperatures are noted to be rising there was a slight twinge of guilt about my increasing carbon footprint, but offset by the 10 years without a flight and the non car owning last 5 years, but still.... At least we got the bus to the airport.

To Krakow. Our first weekend away together, doing nothing. We'e sneaked away previously but mostly under the guise of long distance walks, but this was pure hedonism / leisure time.

Another bus beckoned into town, a quick march through the shopping mall to find our lodgings for the weekend, and then a meander to the old town to change some money and avail ourselves of the local - supermarche? Supermercado? I Polish needs a bit of a polish. 

So a pleasant feet finding sort of an evening that involved 2 beers and a snack. Considering I have such places as Taiwan and Thailand and Singapore and Phillipines and China and S Korea on my passport, it seems odd that this was my first visit to Poland. 

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