Flower ............

..... Friday17_2020   (FF17_2020)

This rose was amongst those bought on 20 December 2019 (an amazing 28 days ago) and also featured in my 3 January 2020 blip (centre far right). 

Maybe it's a little faded and past its best (like me) but still looking extremely good for its age (unlike me - lol).

I had a bit of a dilemma - I could not choose between two of the photos I took so have posted the other in my extras today.  
Please give me your opinion on which you think is the better of the two -  I ummmed and ahhhed and ahhhhed and ummmed ........ to be honest they both look much better larger anyway. 

~ Anni ~

Monthly haircut day tomorrow so will try to remember to take my little camera for anything I happen to see, on the 62 mile round trip, that is blipworthy!

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