I still like this weather, and I make no apologies for that. I do hope it doesn't mess up your plans for the weekend, that you can travel safely and get to your intended destinations. But I still find snow exciting.

I spent this morning reading some articles (the history of zoos in England anyone?), but by the afternoon I was getting restless and needed walkies. I rugged up and set off into town with my camera and a few items to buy as a bit of an excuse. It wasn't long before I'd arranged to meet up with a friend, also adventuring with a camera for some snow shots. We wandered for a while, then went back to her house for a cup of tea. And pulled her housemate away from study for dinner and a movie (The Prestige).

That's been my day.

Apparently this is also my 730th entry. That's two years of blipping, without a single gap. I've backblipped quite a bit, but now I've kept up a photo a day for 2 years, I suppose I might as well keep going. :) Thanks for looking at my photos!

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