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Semington Brook (Friday 17th January 2020)

There was a blue sky when I emerged from Waitrose in Melksham (see 1st Extra), so I decided to capitalise by heading off for a towpath walk. I drove down Bowerhill Lane to park, and when I reached the towpath I set off in the direction of Semington. I spoke to several people I met on the towpath and one of them, noticing my "proper" camera, suggested I may find some birds on a footpath from the other side of the canal at the next lock bridge.
I heeded her advice and realised when I reached the bridge that although I had explored the path through Giles Wood on my side of the canal, I hadn't gone further than the other side of the bridge itself.
The path was actually a private road that led past Seend Park Farm, itself an interesting building with vintage metal advert posters, and decorative objects and farm equipment at the side of the road, as well as bench seats for the use of passers by. The lake had a little island at its centre and there was a population of ducks and geese. It was a small haven that I was surprised not to have discovered before, and made a mental note to return in the summer to use the seating provided. The lake was fed by Semington Brook, actually a not unsizeable river which the road crossed on a hump bridge shortly after.
I ran into the lady again on the return walk and learned about the history of the area. She had lived at the farm but had bought one of the fields and now lived there in a bungalow adjacent to the lake.
I was keeping an eye out for a resident pair of swans and saw them in the distance from the bridge earlier, but came across them further up the canal, grazing in the reeds, on the walk back (second Extra).

18.1.2020 (1330 hr)

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A Canal Walk From Bowerhill, 17 January 2020 (Flickr album of 18 images)

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