Desperately seeking

By clickychick

Uncharted Waters

A scene I've never blipped: a view I've never had.

50 years ago, when schools were better funded, I remember coming on an extra-mural visit after exams in lower sixth. They took us to quite a few places that week. We felt it was a treat though the staff probably planned it to be educational! Anyhow, I remember us coming to Silloth flour mill though nothing of what I saw today was familiar.

I've been doing some work with mill shots and it occured to me a modern one could be an interesting addition. No millpond or water wheel here! I expected just to take a few shots from the street but The Man suggested we take a walk onward to the docks. I didn't even know Silloth had docks and I've lived in Cumbria all my life.

We were met by a a dozen or so cars coming along the narrow road from the coast. A sea fishing competition over, I thought. No. It had been twitchers flocking to see a Long-billed Dowitcher. No, I'd never heard of it either. A North American vagrant, caught in recent storms, no doubt.

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