By TheOttawacker

Let's get this straight: this isn't my colon

Today was the day.

After much preparation, many Peglytes, and a lot of time on the toilet, I presented myself at the appointed time to undergo a routine, or almost, colonoscopy.

Ah! The delights of aging.

Being somewhat (i.e. very) cowardly, I requested a sedative. And so, I am happy to report, I managed to avoid seeing any of my own colon. Besides, as Mrs Ottawacker says frequently enough, my head is usually up my own arse often enough, so I wouldn't have been seeing anything new. 

A few polyps, a little diverticulosis, the results will be in in a couple of weeks. 

I thought of asking for a scan of my colon to use as my blip - but bottled out of it. Instead, allow me to present an inflatable colon: one which you could walk down if you so wished. You could see what a polyp looks like up close and personal. You could "ooh" at the diverticular sacs and "aah" at the symptoms of Crohn's.

Not sure whether it is scratch and sniff though. I assume not....

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