By TheOttawacker

Remembering the victims

The destruction of the Ukrainian Airlines flight outside Tehran has hit Canada particularly hard. 

Of the 176 who perished, 138 were headed to Canada. Of these, 63 were Canadian citizens; others were heading back to Canadian universities for the start of the new term. This isn't to lessen the importance of the other deaths, just to explain why Canada feels a much sadder place today,

The latest theory is that this plane was brought down accidentally by an Iranian missile. If this is true, it is a direct consequence of the reckless stupidity demonstrated by that arch cockwomble Donald Trump. 

Without his initial brazen act of aggression against Solemeini - and in a civilized world, people are not murdered in third countries, however "evil" they are perceived to be - Iran would not be on high alert, and the missile would never have been fired. 

We have to be better than this. Acts of violence always have consequences. And, at least for the time being, it seems as if Trump's actions have started a chain of events that have led to this most terrible of tragedies. 

For what they are worth, my thoughts and condolences are with the families of the victims. 

There is a good story on this in the Ottawa Citizen.

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