Clearing out the back deck

Finally got around to tidying up the back deck, the place in which we live in summer, but which becomes a catch-all storage place in the winter. It is also the repository for empty bottles. Ahem. As the only drinker in the house, I am reminded on a daily basis that I like a drink or two.

At least this time, the empties - 20c deposit for a big bottle, 10c for a can - are going to a good cause. Ottawacker Jr. - eager to help in the build up to his 8th birthday, when any good cause might feasibly increase paternal generosity - and I loaded up the car, put on our masks, and drove them to a pre-arranged drop-off point.

So if you are in Ottawa and looking to divest yourself of empties, consider using Empties for Paws. They help fund vet expenses for pets from less fortunate families.

Now I only have to go through all of the books I rescued from the garbage last Monday, and I am laughing.

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