Scoots, Shoots & Leaves

By TerriG


(Driving Under the Influence of Blipping)

I'm in Olympia, Washington tonight, meeting with family and preparing for Dad's memorial, which is Sunday. I had a remarkable drive up here (about 2 1/2 hours). For once I didn't whine about being stuck in traffic on the freeway; near the Columbia River, still in Portland, I watched thousands of geese come together in multiple flocks and fly east, then west, circle and fly apart, then together again. It was an amazing show, one I would have missed at 70 mph. Then, the clouds and sunset most of the way up were spectacular, including these lenticular clouds near Mt. Adams (you can just see the peak of the mountain peeking up at left). Yes, I did take photos from a moving car while driving! Some of them, I just held the camera up and shot blindly, it would have been hard to get a bad shot with all the glory surrounding me!

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