By Cailleach

Beggin' Meghan....

Life on Vancouver Island is becoming increasingly interesting....

Apparently, Meghan my neighbour has been having trouble with her in-laws and her own father, who has charmingly allowed the newspapers to publish one of her private letters to him.

My father did much the same when I became famous. He went through everything I'd ever written to him, and tried to sell my personal correspondence to the Sunday Post/People's Friend/The Beano.

Here are some examples from the thousands few notes I wrote to him -

16th June 1982;
"Dear Dad, please may I borrow a tenner."

28th November 1998;
"Dear Dad, please may I borrow a tenner."

4th March 2001;
"Dear Dad, please can you just gift me a tenner. You know perfectly well you'll never get it back."

I haven't seen Meghan's the neighbour's letters, but I suspect they're very similar. And from what I've managed to gather when I've been peering through her windows passing by, she's recently given up work, so no chance of her dad being repaid now!!!!

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