By davidc

MonoMonday: Rhymes with "Quick"

Laurie54's MM challenge for this week is "Rhymes with Quick". There's plenty of words which could fit the challenge, but many of those I thought of have been used already by other blippers.

I don't think "prick" has been used yet. I didn't want to offend the very sensible blip decency police(!) so I went for a pinprick.

Fear not, no pain was caused when I stuck the pin into my thumb, I kept it very much in the surface layer, and I'd sterilised it beforehand (the pin, not the thumb - although I had washed that).

For the sake of preserving my Editor's reputation, I should mention that she had no part today in my choice of subject, indeed she was out when I took the photo. And she thinks I'm crazy - she's probably right!

(Disclaimer: NB Don't try this at home without adult/medical supervision.)

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