creative lenna

By creativelenna

75 and counting!

When I reached my 75th "Stitch Meditation" since October of 2019, I wanted to lay them all out and take a photograph. Whoo-hoo! 
They certainly look good together. I make one most every day . . . kind of like blip, but with fabric & thread and calming, repetitive stitching. 

I read an article about this in Quilting Arts magazine by Liz Kettle. I was so drawn to her idea of Stitch meditation, a short video (by her) is linked above in my first sentence. It took me a few weeks to gather my materials, but I was so drawn to doing this and the feeling has stayed with me. An extra or 2 showing a close up of the 75th stitch meditation piece (or stitchie). I also have a blip sharing a colorful #70 here.

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