By Bella888

Waiting to murder an ice-cream

Today was more or less a repeat of yesterday, maybe not quite as bright. By the time we got out to buy bread in Boscombe (Mr B’s sliced Polish bread), it started to cool down - but still mild.

Another rush today, so sorry if I don’t look at your blips. Will catch up. I have been leaving late stars and hearts, but not commenting. Meeting neighbours downstairs at 7 and need  to sort dinner.

The blip is of the crowds on the beach, and look at the queue for - a LICK - of delicious New Forest ice-cream - you’d think it was August.  But do they do vegan?

OK, I’ll be honest, the image is from yesterday – but faffed today.  Just don’t have time to do anything else (still stressed after spending the morning trying to cancel an on-line purchase I made last night).  

A pop-up had appeared and I stupidly purchased something Chromecast already does.  Thought it was from Chromecast, but was actually from ‘Streamer for Chromecast which is a different company.

Lesson learnt - don’t buy in a rush. Not like me at all, I’m usually quite astute :)

Luckily I checked it out this morning, spoke to Google, then my credit card company. Success in the end Apple have agreed to refund it (as it’s bought via their App Store).

Thanks to Laurie Lee for today’s Mono Monday -  theme:  Rhymes with “quick”.

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