The second half of life..

By twigs

Old Ghost Road

Started the day as I had planned - a walk along the first few kms of the Old Ghost Road trail.  It was pretty easy walking and the couple of bikers who went past me were clearly working but not so much they couldn't share a cheery 'good morning' with me.  It was lovely and fresh - not too hot (largely because I was in the bush but also because the sun hadn't had time to build its heat) and provided I kept moving, the sandflies didn't have a chance to settle.  When this wee chap decided he was curious about me and hopped towards me though, I just had to stop.  I think he's a very young chap.  It doesn't really show in this pic but in others (see extra), he has very distinctly 'fluffy' feathers around the back of his neck, like he's shedding his baby-fluff.  Either that or he's a bogun robin with a mullet.

Rest of the day was spent tootling towards Punakiaiki where I am tonight.......the sound of the ocean is my lullaby, just metres away.  Ahhhhhh......I do love this part of the country :)

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