In search of snowdrops

After a supposed working weekend, we visited Wallington again this morning (Monday) in search of snowdrops. But very few snowdrops are in flower there as yet, all with petals still tightly furled and, today, swaying around in a keen wind. The only 'open' snowdrop flowers were the ones in the extra! Had a good walk round and, just before leaving, went in to the greenhouse which was filled with the heady scent of jasmine. Lots of fabulous flowers there, including this one - no idea what it is, but I love its colour and velvety petals.

Couldn't stay as long as we would have liked, as the car was booked in to the garage in Alnwick at 1.00pm so they could fix the alarm. Car dropped off, we walked to the nearby supermarket for a bite to eat, then to Barter Books for a browse (OK, so I couldn't resist making a small purchase...), and in to Alnwick for some essential shopping. Looked around the vintage shop, then strolled back to the supermarket for a cuppa. Back at the garage just before 5.00pm  to discover that they couldn't sort out the alarm as the part wasn't behaving as it should, and they didn't know what to do despite advice from Vodaphone, which had supplied said part. (Vodaphone?!) We'll have to go back yet again when they've had more advice. Annoying to discover, just after we'd left the garage, that the air bags aren't operational. Grrrr!

Too late to go back, so we did a supermarket shop, and arrived home several hours later than hoped. C'est la vie...

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