Frosty Bubble

A very chilly but gorgeous start to the day! I took my bubbles with me when I went to the river early this morning in the hope of getting some frozen bubble photos. It wasn't really quite cold enough. It was only -3 degrees and it really needs to be at least -4. I had fun trying for a while though. You can see some frozen detail on my extra but I preferred the ethereal quality of this one, so it made it as my main blip.

The rest of the day has been functional - and a little frustrating, trying (without success) to get hold of the bank and internet-provider in Spain. Ah, well, I have a couple of hours with my eldest son to look forward to over dinner, so it will be a lovely start to the evening. Hopefully, I'll catch up with some of your journals later this evening!

A frozen scene over in my b&w journal

The Micro World Of Frost over in my My Third journal

Tiny Tuesday: Something you appreciate. For me, it's a rare (this winter) frosty start to the day!

Thank you so much for all the great comments, stars and hearts for the past two blips - most kind of you!

Ann :))

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