St. Michael's Mount Sunset

Didn't do too much today apart from grocery shopping but I had high hopes of a colourful sunset. The day started a bit overcast but gradually picked up.

I headed down to Marazion in plenty of time and walked around the bay to the farthest point to get the sun dropping as close to the island as I could. There's a breakwater going out into the bay so I took myself out to the end, set up the camera and waited for the sun to drop. Once it was down I packed up my kit and headed back to the van. I had the feeling the colour might develop but I had to get back as the car park gate would be closed at five which was in ten minutes and it was a fair walk. I did wonder if they actually would close at five but when I got there the man was there waiting but I wasn't the last to go. As it turned out it didn't get any better. There's an earlier one in as an extra.

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