On the Grand Union Canal

This morning. Basil and I drove to the vets for his worming treatment. He has to be monitored or else he spits the tablets out. Which he did, little turk, once we got back in the car. I had to gather the remains of one off the tarmac to force feed him.

We stopped off at the Boat Inn just down the road and walked by the canal for a bit, passing a flotilla of very white swans before returning for a coffee and a baked potato at the Boat.

This is a double exposure. The tow path wasn't under water.

This afternoon  has drifted by. Trying to be inspired by the RPS DiG catalogue of dpis from last year. Yes, they are more inspiring than in previous years.

Choir tonight. I'm taking Basil too as Len is off to watch Leicester City play. I hope they lose their losing streak.

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