Ahakista del Sol

Sorry if you are all shivering and snowbound but for some odd reason we have sunshine!! Another fantastic bright, crisp day - I headed straight out for a walk this morning. Worth biggifying, for this a view of my street from afar. I'm standing on the headland looking inwards towards Kitchen Cove - Rosskerrig mountain is looking rather fine, Graham Norton's house is the little beige blob and the grey is the sweep of the quay. The street actually begins on the far right, I think the metal flowers are too tiny to be seen. Don't be too envious though for it had already clouded over and rain will be sweeping in shortly!

I have also washed down the polytunnel, inside and out, and hacked at all the bog grass and brambles trying to invade the fruit cages. Himself has been in the stream pulling out masses of hemlock. A relaxing evening beckons.

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