By TrishaR


What a gorgeous day - sunny and warm for winter - almost like Spring at 12 degrees :-)

Filling today at lunchtime. First my gum had to be lasered as it had grown a little over the tiny hole in the tooth.  It was a strange feeling.  also the filling was a tooth right at the back so more difficult to reach.  It was done though very well by Dr Hally!

Popped in to see Barbara next door.  She always asks me if I have seen three neighbours in the street that used to visit her, one of the people being next door on the other side, that don’t visit her any more.  I feel sad for her that they don’t visit any more.  I know she is deaf and you need to shout but she still has a sense of humour and chats away fine.  It’s tough being 99 and not as mobile as you used to be.  

Camera club tonight there was a very interesting talk from a guy called Niall Benvie.

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