On my way . . . to being a quilter!

Here is the quilt sandwich, earlier this afternoon, with the quilt backing fabric pressed and taped taut to the floor, the batting placed in the middle and the quilt top I finished the other day smoothed out on top. Whew! SO much ironing between the backing fabric and the quilt top. I think I will sleep well tonight! 

Since this afternoon, I have "pin basted" all 3 layers together (see the extra photos) so the fabrics will not shift when I sew/quilt everything together. I learned what to do from searching basic quilting and finding Melanie Ham's series called Your First Quilt. I must say though, it is my long time art friend, Friedaquilter who has always inspired me and helped me out with my questions when I first set out to make this recycled shirt quilt at the request of my son! :o)))

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