Kanimbla Pulpit

There are two "Pulpit Rocks" in the Blue Mountains. The Grose Valley one is currently out of bounds, its surrounds having been burned out fairly thoroughly by the same blaze which devastated the Bells Line of Road.

This "Pulpit Rock" of the great Kanimbla Valley has survived undisturbed, however, as has the valley itself. There's still a lot of dust in the atmosphere (as opposed to smoke or fog) from yesterday's wind storms but as far as I could see there was no sign of fire damage anywhere.

I desperately want to take another cheap shot at the media for its depiction of Australia as a burned out ember ... but I shan't do that. I am a reformed cynic, who has seen a bright, inspiring light on his road to Damascus. (Yeah. Right)

I shall be back for a better view once the dust clears. Meanwhile I fooled around with my guilty pleasure "soft focus" on-board filter, to come up with this SOOC extra. 

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