Gate 7

For quite some time, I've wanted to drive all the way around the old Geauga Lake Amusement Park and Sea World (aka Wild Kingdom)
adjoining properties. The former opened in 1887 and closed in 2007; the latter some time later.  I only made it down Depot Road at the back of the property and to a bit of one side where the huge visitor parking lots for Sea World stand, with weeds growing up several feet high through the weathered asphalt. This house is just inside Gate 7. There are No Trespassing signs everywhere and I've read in the police blotter that a number of people/teens have been arrested when found on the property. 

What was a mystery to me was that the fenced in parking lot near the Sea World amphitheatre had recently been plowed and the snow was piled in banks.  I also noticed tire tracks in the snow on one of the perimeter roads.  I can't imagine anyone using any bit of the property in its current overgrown and decrepit state, or spending the money to plow.

I will return and investigate more in better weather.  I hope to get some shots in more accessible areas of the rides and other buildings.  I think this was the caretaker's house.

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