By ExtraTime

Looking Upwards

We had a day to spend in Glasgow before heading to a Celtic Connections event this evening - Alastair Fraser and Natalie Hass and friends. 

I've long wanted to go to Oran Mor, a venue created in an old Victorian church, the ceiling painted by Alasdair Gray. The auditorium is only open when there's a performance, so I'd never managed to time it right - until today.

We stumbled into a really lovely occasion. The organisers had invited Glasgow Primary Schools to take part in a celebration of Burns. The children recited, sang and danced, and they put their hearts and souls into it. They really were impressive, especially at the point where the knife goes into the haggis ....

We had refreshments ( haggis and cranachan), and lots of friendly chat, while the children, performance over, let off some steam.

I climbed up to the gallery to get some shots of the ceiling. It's impossible to capture it all, as it is painted to fit the spaces between the beams of the roof.

I like the words painted onto one of the cross-beams 'Work as if you live in the early years of a new nation'. 

I wonder what changes this week will bring?

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