We spent yesterday afternoon and today at the race course for the UCI Cyclo-cross World Cup /Adri van der Poel GP in our village. Adri van der Poel comes from here, was a famous cyclo-cross/cyclist who married the daughter of another famous French cyclist (Raymond Poulidor)and his son and Poulidor's grandson Mathieu van der Poel is one of the stars of cyclo-cross and cycling today. I don't usually photograph people , but I do like to capture sports moments, especially the action. Today I tried panning and ICM. Here's an example of panning, nr 86 is Nadja Heigl from Austria (she finished on 58th place today, the winner was Dutch Lucinda Brand). Mathieu van der Poel won the men's race, I did take a picture of him while he was training :-) See extra.

Thanks so much for al the great Abstract Thursday entries last Thursday.  Here's the list of last week's specials:
AnnieBelle      paint and metal  imitating nature
Charente        prickly sea urchins or ...
richardg         tree bark becoming something different through the crop
dfb24              a surreal crop of a besnowed bench
osuzanna      fabricating an abstract landscape

I was already thinking about this coming week's theme as 'landscape' before seeing osuzanna's entry. An abstract landscape can be a real landscape, for example in ICM or edited to become something abstract but it can also be a completely fabricated landscape, like osuzanna's here above. So the optional theme is 'landscape' and the tag will be AT240.

Thanks so much again and thank you for all the kind comments, stars and hearts for my Blips this past week !

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