The Maniac Twins

One Year Old today, amazing where it goes.
Julia calls them her 'Maniacs', they are always up to something especially now they are getting more and more proficient at walking about.
What a birthday party, after Fiffi's yesterday and the Twins today Marlane and I are quite exhausted but we did have some help making sandwiches and preparing the hall, and cleaning up at the end of it.
Lots of Julias friends from University and the RAF, lots of babies, more twins, it was quite 'a do'.
Ruby, Hendrix, Buddy, Lennon etc. were all there of course. Photo of Hendrix in the soft ball play area, looking very quiet but everyone was eating at this time.
Buddy has two helium balloons tied to his ankles, I was hoping that he was going to float up towards the ceiling for an extra great shot but he's just too heavy HAHAHAHAHAHA

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