By seizetheday

As the light faded

It was supposed to have been a working day, as we're planning to take time off tomorrow! MrM did spend a couple of hours laying floorboards in the hall, while I did some domestic stuff and a little paperwork. But MrM suggested a trip to the coast in the afternoon...

So off we went, despite the fact that it was damp and windy. Thick cloud and drizzle when we arrived in Bamburgh. No matter - MrM spotted a dolphin, and we sat in the car for quite a while watching a pod - 3 or 4 of them - moving up and down the coast. Much too far away for photos, unfortunately.

Then a walk on the beach as far as the castle, and by the time we turned back the light was fading fast. The sky was clearing, and for a short time the setting sun reflected on the clouds - a grainy photo, but you get the picture! Back at the car we nibbled chocolate, drank coffee, and watched the warning lights for shipping flashing on and off. Just the thing for a winter afternoon.

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