By KatesGardenPDX

An Indoor Day

Augh....the walking pneumonia is in full throttle today. It was a very quiet day, which included doing a lot of napping. Fingers crossed I'll start to feel better soon. I missed a pretty nice weather-day...and an invitation to play golf this afternoon. Grr. But it is what it is and I know I need to succumb in order to get better. Being quiet is not my usual state.

But the blips must go on! I have a bunch of houseplants (which may not surprise you) and this seemed like the perfect opportunity to spend some time with them since I did not venture out. Today's blip is an Eyelash Begonia. I believe this is one called "Tiger's Eye'. I was intrigued with the way the light was shining through in the middle. In the extras you can get a great sense of the "eyelashes". Very fun plant, easy to grow and very easy to propagate. 

The other extra is of my Thanksgiving Cactus - Schlumbergera truncata hybrid. It spends the summer outdoors in a semi-shaded area and by the time I brought it inside in October it was in full bloom. Now it's blooming again, but not as fully as before. I love this color! 

Tomorrow I will try to post a piece about horticultural therapy!

Hope you have a great start to your week!

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