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By BikerBear

Eight years .................

 .................. today ( 26 January 2012 ) that I posted my very first blip  -  although because, at some time in the very distant past, it was decided to count ALL blips - even the ones posted from before the original join date - this doesn't count as an official blipiversary.

I've made wonderful friends, met some fabulous people in some great places - my late Mum and I travelled far and wide to get our blips together  -  including eight trips to the USA - she also backblipped quite a few photos from those trips but she officially joined on May 26 2012.

Never thought I would still be here each and every day .......... a lot of water under the bridge and a lot of stuff to work through but I'm still going strong and still loving it

Thank you to those working behind the scenes to keep us up and running and also to everyone, past present and future who visit my journal and sprinkle comments, stars and hearts.

~ Anni ~

Oh and it had to be Whisper for my blipiversary - taken in the half-light after he had chased some birds from HIS garden and was looking at some ducks who were quacking their way across the sky!

Backblipped early Monday 27 January for Sunday 26 January 2020.

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