By strawhouse

Grey Day

A grey and rainy day today at Kielder Water. Such a shame as I had been so looking forward to a lovely walk round the lake.
What I actually got was rain, freezing wind, grumpy children, grumpy husband, lots of mud, a path blocked by stupid lumber vehicles and knee deep mud so we couldn't go any further (although Miss E did anyway - insisting that it was OK and her flimsy little pumps wouldn't get muddy at all - and ended up knee deep in the mud which made Mr K even more grumpy.......) and lots of cross words and sulking.
Things looked up as we headed for Scotland and ate cheese puffs.
We had our - now annual - stop at the border to leave the kids in one country while we're in another. See extras. It was about that point that I started speaking to Mr K again!!
Our stop for the night is Melrose. The campsite is right in town - next to the Co-Op that the owner of our Hadrian's Wall campsite couldn't praise highly enough. We had massively high hopes but on first glance it would appear to be an ordinary Co-Op!!
The campsite owner was a bit of a jobsworth about queuing in the right place before checking in. And bellowed through the window like a cliché mean American policeman Stay in the vehicle please sir!!!!!!!! when Mr K went to get out!
But Melrose is a lovely town and we're in Scotland, whoop whoop!!!

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