My day started with another trip into town with a (non-controversial) charity shop delivery. Mr hazelh and I also returned to the Oxfam bookshop to see if we could retrieve the books that my not-so-little sister listed overnight as donated in error by us on Saturday.

The extremely kind and understanding Oxfam bookshop staff welcomed us into their storeroom and invited us to root through the donations received since Friday. Amongst these we found most, but not all, of the books on my not-so-little sister's list. Of these, there are two books that we could not locate. They are biographies of Ken Roache and Keith Richards. We're pretty sure that some other titles that feature on the list must be buried somewhere in my mother's house, or in my not-so-little sister's own house in Newcastle. The Oxfam staff are going to keep an eye out for the two missing tomes and will phone my not-so-little sister if/when they come across them. Mr hazelh and I made a cash donation as we left the shop.

My not-so-little sister was still in bed when we returned to the house with the books. When she arose and learnt that reparations had been made, we were able to make friends again. She doesn't seem that bothered about Ken and Keith, after all...

This afternoon we popped Mummy hazelh on the train to Guildford at Newcastle, and fifteen minutes later caught our own train back to Edinburgh. Mummy hazelh is staying with my middle sister for a couple of weeks before we all reconvene in Northumberland again for more house sorting. It is such a relief to be back home in our neat, tidy, organised flat, and to know that we can look forward to two free weekends between now and the next trip to Northumberland.

The molehills blipped have sprung up all over the top lawn at my mother's house.

Exercise today: small amount of walking (10,054 steps).

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