Tiny ............

 ............ Tuesday244   (TT244)  -  admirably hosted by KangaZu - thanks Peggy.

When Himself and I went to Goa, back in 1999, I saw this door knocker on a stall there - knowing how much my Mum loved elephants it had to come back with us - along with a brass "Head of Ganesh" - they weighed a LOT - but we got them here.  

The door knocker resided on 4 of her front doors until it came full circle back to me in 2015 ........... we don't have it on our front door (it just doesn't look right on UPVC) so I have it in my 'office' ........... more memories surrounding me.

As she got much older she was still polishing it weekly but it looks like some of the "brasso" was left in the grooves and awkward places - I need to get a toothbrush or something to really get into those tiny crevices.

~ Anni ~

A "mission" starting at 04.00  tomorrow but should be home by teatime - UK based this time but still a long old day.

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