There Must Be Magic

By GirlWithACamera

Apples, Apples, Everywhere!

Our house is not far from Way Fruit Farm, and I drive past Way's twice every day on my way to and from work. I don't often get to stop. But I managed to get there on this day. There is a story behind this, of course. Isn't there always, with me?

Last week, I did a dumb thing: I locked the keys in my husband's car when I parked it at work. A kind friend rescued me and drove me home to get the other set of keys, and as we passed Way Fruit Farm, she said, "Ooh, we should stop and get some apple cider donuts!" And I said: "WHAT?" For I had never heard of them! But we didn't have time to stop, as we had a meeting we were rushing back for.

But after that day, I wanted to do something nice to thank my friend, and I decided a couple of donuts, the very kind she had requested, might be a fine thank-you gift. And so I stopped at Way's on my way to work on this morning to buy the donuts fresh.

The scene that greeted me, you can see above. There is a huge showroom with all kinds of beautiful apples on display, and shelving units full of other cool items, some of it unique, unusual, and hard-to-find stuff.

And I did indeed manage to procure the target, which is to say: old-fashioned apple cider donuts! They are cake donuts dipped in sugar and cinnamon. (Those interested in a recipe should just google it online: I did and several recipes came up.) I bought two donuts for my friend and one for me. You may see the Crittergators eyeing up my donut in the extras.

The song has to be about apples, so here's an old one: Glen Campbell and Bobby Gentry, with Little Green Apples.

Bonus, several more Way's Fruit Farm blips:
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