"Extra, Extra! Read all about it!"

"There is a new mouse in the house!"

Dear Diary,

Henry is spreading the word in his new role as newsboy, I mean newsmouse!  The latest addition of The Feltie Times has two mouse related stories in it this morning.  First, Louisa May has caught her second mouse!  We are all very proud of her.  And, more importantly, there is Marigold, the latest Feltie!  (See the extra)  It was buttons for her outfit that I was searching for when I discovered those wonderful buttons the other day.  She has a white felt jacket and book bag with wee books in it and is sporting some lace edged "pantalettes".  Of course, I had to look into them and found that "pantaloons" were men's wear.  "Drawers" were not meant to show and bloomers were fuller and gathered at the bottom.  Pantalettes, think Little Bo Peep, were purely "decorative", meant to show under the skirt and often trimmed with lace.  I remember wearing something called "pettipants" in the 1960's but that, perhaps, is too much information!

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