Bright and Beautiful

By ThingsBeautiful


the mice :)

(see extra for the pouncing)

A quieter but still very busy looks as though the Manager will be signed off for longer unfortunately, so still acting up and trying to be strong :)

Doesn't help when you've got a sore throat and a sort of cold that comes and goes (but I was awake last night coughing...  and I've doubled the dose of my inhalers to avoid asthma problems....

Anyway, I'm very glad to be home with my girl and I've had dinner, so when that's gone down, I'll get some fresh lemon and honey and head off to bed...

One more day to go - in which I have a review of my objectives, hopefully it won't be too bad and then its the weekend!  

Thankfully all I've got planned is packing up the house...although I'd like to get out for a walk if the weather isn't too bad...

Happy Thursday folks :)

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