By AH14

Balancing Act

It's raining outside and my car has gone in for its MOT (collected early and to be returned at the end of the working day), so I've taken some time out from the jobs that have been waiting for me at home whilst I've been away. I've never made any serious attempts at water droplet photography before but I had great fun experimenting. I'm pretty pleased with the result for a first attempt! I know it's dark but that's how I want it :) I admit to a good bit of post processing! :))

In this shot, it looks as if the droplet is balancing on a pinnacle! Best seen large!

The extra shows my very primitive set up. I really needed an off-camera flash, but I don’t have one (yet:))

I'm posting early, so that I can get a few more things done before I go out to a special Camera Club evening with my eldest son to listen to Will Cheung. I'm very much looking forward to it!

There's another over in my b&w journal

Many thanks for all the great comments, stars and hearts for yesterday's blip!

Happy Weekend!

Ann :))

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