By spannarama


Busy day.  Long CRM meeting this morning, followed by a very busy afternoon - just tons to do.  My colleague Joanna was due back at work today but got stuck in Finland yesterday (her flight was delayed until today due to weather conditions), so I was having to pick up various bits and pieces she would normally deal with.

Char and I took Sarah out for dinner this evening, for her birthday (which was actually in November).  We popped over to her flat first (passing this creepy giant spider on the way), to meet her two new kittens, and to see her kids too - all very cute!  Then we took her to Palader, a Latin American restaurant nearby.  Really delicious food, and lovely friendly service too.  We chatted away for hours - mostly filling Sarah in on all the crazy that's been happening at work since she moved on elsewhere - and I caught the train home at 10:15pm - after my (and Tim's) bedtime!  He came and met me from the station, because he is lovely, and we got straight to bed, and set the alarm for a little later than usual.

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