Newcastle Downunder

By jensphotos

Aliens at Catho

I was very glad it was the end of the working week as this one has been a bit challenging.  I have also agreed to stay on in Sydney until the end of June and so that will come with plus and minuses.  At least I have found a hairdresser and mechanic.  Now for a dentist and all will be well.

I stopped at Catho on the way back to Newie.  There were some fisherman at the end of the jetty.  Why on earth they have to keep shining their torches beach ways is beyond me.  A silly attempt at the milky way.  It is not quite the right position and the moon (although relatively thin) was still up.  Hey ho.

Off to do Milly's puppies  graduation pics. 

I hope they turn out.  If so, you know who I will be blipping tonight.

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