By amandoAlentejo

Storks and Cannons

Someone reminded me I'd not posted any photos of storks for a while, have certainly taken them, but guess other shots have always won the Blip of the day. 

This is the nest we used to watch from the Padre's flat, where we lived for a year, as here. Taken from the largo (wide place) when I came out of the market this morning. That clothesline by the chimney on the left used to be mine. The stork chimney deteriorates year by year, you can now see the brickwork. It's one reason folk are ambivalent about storks nesting on their chimneys, though it is supposed to bring luck. 

We were woken by what sounded like gunfire and cannons - for ages - and this has continued at intervals throughout the day, making me jump every time. Sobering to reflect that this castle still has the marks of Spanish cannon balls, and that the sound would have once been terrifying, not the celebration it's marking today.

Anyway, need to get ready to meet folk for a meal at Sandra's place... hoping I can get in the mood.

- picking loads of asparagus
- getting a (very short, but better than nothing) nap
- bees buzzing loudly around the catkins in the holm oaks

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