Feminine Courage

With apologies to my Blip friend, Larchlea, but we took my sister and b-i-l to the season's first bullfight in Mourão this afternoon. The first five bulls were done the Spanish way, by Spanish bullfighters, except not killed, as that's illegal in Portugal. But the sixth was done the proper Portuguese way, on horseback, exceptionally this time, by a woman, Ana Rita. She, and her three horses, were amazing. The second one slipped on the wet ground, and Ana fell off and hurt herself, but she got straight back onto another horse and carried on, such courage. And then our friend, Zé Maria's son was the first in line to wrestle the bull, in extra. Thankfully, that went well.

It rained some, and we were SO COLD by the end. 

- no-one badly hurt, and D&L enjoying it
- fun walk round Bairro Alto this morning, and a ride on the Bica funicular
- off to have dinner with the Padre now, and others

Later... think I'll just leave this, it's been a long and full day, and loads more gratefuls, one of which is that we can disagree on Blip, and carry on being friends, if only that were true elsewhere... 

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