... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

WWT London: Bird's-eye(s Out of) View

More oblivious in large.
Stranded crane
Maned duck (m) portrait
Fulvous whistling duck fan dance
Marbled duck face-off

My mother and I went to the Wetland Centre in the early afternoon: the sun was out, and the birds were being their cheerful selves (but for the nēnēs, which moped and moaned as is their wont).

I was really torn between this pic. and my maned duck portrait (with his glorious speculum glowing in the sunshine), but I've blipped the sweet maned duck more recently than an adorable emperor, so that was that...
Otherwise, it was the whistling ducks (plumed whistling ducks pottering about, and fulvous tree ducks flapping) and the cranes (one of which got itself stranded on the wrong side of a tricky waterway) which were the most amusing today.

Others here (or right from Emperors with nēnē friend)

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