... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

Morden: Dog-faced Puffer

Sweller in large.
Funny face
Eye, face, and fin detail
Look who I found!

Im and I went to Morden Hall Park for an explore... I took the macro lens (intending to blip crocuses, snowdrops, or something similarly uplifting), but after an amble in the park, we revisited Maidenhead Aquatics (a tropical fish shop in the Morden Hall garden centre), and I was (again) won over by a puffer fish... Last time it was the supercute dwarf puffers with their extraordinary opalescent eyes (blipped here), but today this blackspotted puffer was the most entertaining..
Also, I hadn't realised that clownfish have sweet little frills.

Today's others are here (or right from Droplet-beaded periwinkle)
p.s. You're lucky that I didn't pick the wood pigeons fighting under the picnic table...

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