Sgwarnog: In the Field

By sgwarnog


A sentimental, superglued, non-functional mug.

I devoted a good chunk of my student years to Radio Bailrigg, presenting at least once a week during term time between ‘84 and ‘91.

I started hanging around in the studios the second I arrived in Lancaster. I first got on air helping with some Saturday afternoon sports coverage (I kept everyone up to date with the football scores via Ceefax) and doing film previews and reviews for an afternoon show. I got trained up as a presenter proper and so got to inflict my music a few hours a week, as well as a weekly turn on the 11pm-2pm request show. I devised and delivered a quiz show. And that was all in the first year. 

A few of my friends and contemporaries at the station went on to careers in radio, notably Richard Allinson formerly of Radio 2 and Gerry Jackson who does the local TV news up in the north east. I may have just overlapped with Andy Serkis and James May, but don’t remember them.  If I hadn’t fallen into what I do, I might have pursued it. 

Only one recording survives. It’s my first show, and therefore justifiably awful. I improved though, and I think I must have picked up something about voice work that’s come in handy over the years as a teacher.

And the jingles and ads that we ran are still stuck in my head. 

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