Megan Strachan, soprano, at Nailsworth

It was the first Nailsworth Farmer's Market of the year, and luckily on the day it was neither cold nor wet. Nor was it busy.

But a good point of the day was when the Town Crier let me use his 'official' parking spot, as last time I'd received a parking ticket. Even though I managed to successfully challenge it, they had now remedied their errors in the parking notifications, so my usual free parking space had been removed. 

Chris C. arrived as I was setting up and once again he kindly purchased a bunch of my cards. He is a regular client of Helena, when she has a stall here, and I have inherited his good will. 

Midway through the morning I heard the beautiful tones of this singer, Megan Strachan, who regularly busks at the market. She stayed for about an hour and two particular delights were a Puccini aria and Leonard Bernstein's 'Somewhere' from West Side Story. 

Megan tours with various opera companies and also performs on her own, as she mentions on her website.

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