Antarctic Adventure - Day 6 Enterprise Island

Antarctic Journal  Day 6
23rd January 2020

Another amazing day started with heavy snow falling as we went by zodiac to visit the wreck of the whaling ship Guvernoren which caught fire in 1915 after an oil lamp fell off a table during a party and sank with a full load of whale oil.   (see first extra)

There was so much wildlife around this area.  I have included pictures of a shag (cormorant) feeding its young,  a gull landing by its mate while being harassed by a tern and the tail of one of the hundreds of whales that surrounded us in the bay

The day ended with the traditional polar plunge event when 30 mad souls jumped into the arctic ocean (water temp 1 deg C).   I personally thought it rather stupid as there is a real danger of cardiac arrest due to cold shock which can affect anyone irrespective of age or fitness.  Anyway,  everyone survived and got their certificates and tee shirts but IMHO its only a matter of time before there is an accident!

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