Clementine cake

This morning I planned our Easter trip to Malvern.

This afternoon Ridgeback13 invited us over to her flat for tea and clementine cake (blipped), and a rifle through her pile of cast-off clothes before she sends them to the charity shop. We also plotted the finer details of our trip to Lewis in May. I came home well fed with a stash of lovely new (to me) clothes, including a stunning purple velvet embroidered coat. Now I just need a winter wedding invitation.

This evening we learnt some sad news about a member of our extended family, who suddenly fell ill ten days ago. Whenever someone dies before their time, I think of these words from my Old English classes: 'Lif is læne: eal scæceð leoht and lif somod'. They mean 'Life is transitory: light and life together hasten away.'

Exercise today: walking (10,450 steps).

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