New kitchen appliances

Our new kitchen appliances arrived on the same day that they were ordered - last night at about 8pm (and not 11pm as feared!) Here they are in their new homes: the microwave (not as enormous as it looks here), the toaster, and the scales (just to the right of the toaster). We have already used all three. Mr hazelh used the scales to weigh the ingredients for bread-making this morning, I made toast at lunchtime, and I reheated a cold cup of black tea in the microwave this afternoon.

Our shed will be delivered next week, so this morning Mr hazelh set about preparing the ground (literally) for its installation. Meanwhile I continued the work on my co-authored article. I had hoped that I might finish it today, but there are still a few paragraphs to write, and some checking to finish.

Tonight I have a Skype call with my sisters, and then we will enjoy the (posh) cottage pie that I have made for our supper.

Exercise today: strength training.

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